To provide all the Riga FIR air space users with air navigation services SJSC „Latvijas gaisa satiksme” sites are equipped with modern and progressive air navigation systems and facilities. Maintenance of the ATM/CNS systems and equipment is guaranteed by highly qualified technical staff (ATSEP). All the ATM/CNS systems and equipment meet the standards of ICAO, as well as EC and EUROCONTROL.

    ATM system

    The main system used in air traffic control is the automatic ATRACC system (Air Traffic Control System for Riga Area Control Centre). ATRACC services include air traffic visual presentation, integration of aviation main and back-up fixed (data exchanging) and mobile communication systems into the air traffic controllers’ working positions along with recording of voice, data and surveillance ATM information.

    Communication systems

    Aviation mobile communications “air-ground” provide information exchange between pilots of the air crafts and air traffic controllers. Radio communication equipment (transmitter and receivers) is distributed all over the territory of Latvia to ensure safe radio communication related to voice communication systems.

    Mobile aviation communications “ground-ground” ensure safe traffic in the aerodromes.

    Fixed aviation communication systems provide information exchange between ATM centres as well as within the ATM centres. Communication equipment and systems ensure exchange of voice and different data information (AFTN, OLDI, Radar data and others).

    Navigation systems

    To provide the Riga FIR with navigation functions, there are 6 radio beacons VOR(DVOR)/DME within the territory of Latvia.
    ILS systems for precise approach procedure are installed in the airports “Riga” and “Liepāja”.

    Surveillance systems

    Surveillance function is provided using an information complex:

    • Primary/secondary radar complex;
    • 2 secondary radar complexes;
    • Airdrome surveillance system consisting of the primary airdrome radar and multilateration system;
    • Multilateral surveillance system of the Riga TMA.