2012 14 November,
The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) Member CEOs met with the European Commission (EC) Vice President Siim Kallas to discuss the best approach for the next evolution of the Single European Sky (SES).

The ambitious EC policy on SES, aiming at ensuring a strong future for the air transport in Europe, was recognised by the CEOs. All agreed that Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), Airlines, Member States and the Commission should work in the same direction with their efforts to have a competitive and growing air transport sector, based on performance and innovation.
2012 01 November,
The NEFAB Programme Office is in establishment. Anders Saetre (Avinor) is nominated as Manager of the Programme Office, and Silja Marken (EANS) is nominated as Programme Office Coordinator.
With the formal establishment of the NEFAB Programme Office on the 4th December the NEFAB Project will be ended. The objective of the NEFAB Programme is to realise the full potential of the NEFAB partnership based on the improvements and initiatives identified in the NEFAB Feasibility Study.
2012 21 June,
Borealis Alliance20th June 2012 – Nine northern European Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) have today signed a formal commercial alliance to improve efficiency, and reduce costs and environmental impact.The new alliance, called Borealis Alliance, includes the ANSPs of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and the UK. They provide air traffic services for 3.5m flights a year, across 12.5 million Km2 of north European airspace. Between them, they form Europe’s major transatlantic gateway.
2012 21 June,
SJSC Latvijas gaisa satiksme welcomes colleagues from Georgia and Eurocontrol
2012 09 May,
NEFAB presentation to European Commission and Interested parties made in Brussels in February
2012 10 February,
All documentation that is required for the declaration and establishment of NEFAB was submitted to the European Commission collectively by all NEFAB member states in December 2011. The NEFAB project is now well in advance of the requirements described in the Implementing Rule (EC Requirement 176/2011) that states that the information shall be submitted not later than 24th June 2012.
2012 06 February,
On Monday the 6th of February; the NEFAB-partners presented a positive message to the European community during a meeting in Brussels.“We are “en route” in our efforts to establish The North European Functional Airspace Block in December 2012. As the member states and partners now move forward with this process, I feel assured that by the end of this year, a new chapter in the North-European aviation industry is about to be written. The result of this will be increased flight efficiency, higher safety levels and a greener environment,” says Gerli Rebane, Head of State Level Group, NEFAB.