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LGS announces a sketch design competition on new air traffic control tower in Riga airport

2017 04 December,



     Commencing the project on a new air traffic control (ATC) tower in Riga airport SJSC “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” in accordance with the Public Procurement Law has announced a sketch design competition “The visual image of the future air traffic control tower for Riga airport”. The aim of the Competition is to obtain a high-quality architectural solution and a functionally well-developed sketch design for the ATC Tower observing the principle of optimal and economic use of financial resources which would meet the requirements set out in the Brief and the Designing Programme.


    The construction idea/sketch design will be further used as a basis for elaboration of the respective construction design. 


    Any natural or legal person, and an association of such persons in any combination in accordance with the requirements of the competition Brief can be the Participant. Taking into consideration importance of the prospective building and technical specification competitors shall meet rather high standards – for example, the competitor must confirm its experience in the construction designs for at least 2 (two) public buildings and a sketch design or a construction design for at least one high-rise rising no less than 50 m high, and the area of at least one sketch design or construction design is no less than 3,000 m². 


    “The new ATC tower for Riga airport will be an important infrastructure object enhancing successful development of the airport and the whole aviation industry of Latvia. It shall become one of the new symbols of Riga forming the first impression about the city. Therefore we have defined strict and precise requirements and we are looking forward to receiving very high quality proposals within this interesting competition” marks the Chairman of the Board Dāvids Tauriņš.


    Competitors shall submit their proposals by 12 March 2018. 


    The total amount of prize money of the Competition is EUR 80,000.00 and the first prize winner gets EUR 40,000.00. There will be prizes for the second and third places as well as two consolation prizes.


    After the announcement of the competition results the Procurement Committee has rights to invite the prize winners to a negotiation procedure on conclusion of a public service contract for development of the construction design of the ATC tower for Riga airport and its author’s supervision. 


    The submitted sketch designs will be evaluated by a competent international Jury involving such well known architects as Julia Barfield, author of the well-known London Eye and other modern architectural objects and a Norwegian architect Ole Wiig, author of various notable buildings in Norway – for example, a Tax Headquarters in Oslo. Well-known Latvian architects Jānis Dripe former City architect of Riga and Uģis Kaugurs former City architect of Liepāja will also participate in the Jury along with the Head of Construction Board of Mārupe Municipality architect Aida Lismane and a civil engineer Normunds Tirāns. Other participants of the Jury are the chairman of the board of the LGS Dāvids Tauriņš (Chairperson of the Jury), chairman of the board of the SJSC “International Airport “Riga”” Ilona Līce, and the Chief of Aerodrome Control Zones of LGS Roberts Sviklo. The secretary in-charge of the Jury (without voting rights) is architect Dace Kalvāne.


    The construction of the new ATC tower is scheduled to be completed by the end of the 2023. Construction of a new ATC tower is necessary due to the development and expansion of Riga airport, increase of the number of flights as well as necessity to implement new tower technologies, for example Remote Tower Control.


    The project will be financed by the LGS and bank loans and we are looking forward to attract EU co-financing possibilities. 


The competition Brief is available here:   


     “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” is a state joint stock company providing air navigation services for all users of the air space of Latvia. 


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