25 Oct 2019

“Latvijas gaisa satiksme” provides

Air traffic management

  • ATCO qualification maintenance and revalidation training;
  • ATCO annual emergency and refresher training;
  • ATCO conversion training;
  • New student-controllers Unit raining aiming at ATC license obtaining;
  • ATCO On the Job Training Instructor and Assessor refresher training
  • Team Resource Management.


  • Air traffic safety electronics personnel (ATSEP) Basic training;
  • ATSEP qualification training (NAV, SUR. MET, COM);
  • ATSEP refresher training;
  •  Team Resource Management.

Aeronavigation Information services (AIS) and Briefing (BRF)

  • AIS and Briefing personnel Basic training;
  • AIS and Briefing personnel refresher training.

List of Training Courses Provided by the LGS Training Organisation