Commercial services

Preparation/provision of aeronautical information and data to airports, airlines, other operators

Preparation and/or provision of current and statistical aeronautical information (radar data, flight plans, meteorological data, airspace configuration and status, etc.), taking into account the specific needs of the customer. The information may be provided on a case-by-case or regular basis (e.g. on the basis of an agreement). Preparation of statements/reports/statistical data to companies and individuals on meteorological conditions for insurance cases.

Development of technical regulations/requirements, project coordination, assessment of the impact of construction on air traffic services

Drafting and coordination of technical regulations/requirements for external projects in parts pertaining to the areas of LGS responsibility (airspace, air traffic infrastructure). Assessment of the potential impacts of construction on air traffic services, equipment and systems during the design phase of installations.

Provision of AFTN/AMHS service/operator services

Provision of AFTN/AMHS services: reception, processing and transmission of AFTN/AMHS messages in accordance with Annex 10 to the ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation and other regulatory enactments.

Provision of operator services of AFTN/AMHS centre: operation of the customer’s AFTN/AMHS centre in accordance with Annex 10 to the ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation and other regulatory enactments (operator services 24/7).

Technical consultations and support.

Installation of air navigation systems

Full spectrum of services for procurement and installation of air navigation systems (pre-procurement consultations, development of technical specifications, participation in procurement/tendering process, participation in factory testing/acceptance (FAT), installation of equipment, site acceptance testing of equipment (SAT), preparation of certification documents for submission to Civil Aviation Agency).

Flight test support

Full range of services for performance of flight inspections of air navigation equipment and flight schemes (consultation, development of technical specifications, market research, support during flight tests, evaluation of results).

Operation/maintenance of air navigation systems

Operation/maintenance of air navigation systems includes a complete life cycle service services (assessment of current status, development of technical maintenance manuals, technical maintenance during warranty and post-warranty, conclusion/maintenance of SLA contracts with equipment manufacturers, development and maintenance of technical and safety documentation, equipment repair services, planning of equipment replacement/enhancement/ reconfiguration).

Consultancy services

Organisation of technical operation, continuity of service provision/development of redundancy concept, preparation of technical specifications, preparation of safety cases.