Drone flight coordination

05 Oct 2020
Drone flight coordination

State joint stock company “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” provides coordination of pilotless aircraft flights within the Riga Airport air traffic control zone (RIGA CTR) and the Liepāja traffic information zone (LIEPAJA TIZ) where flying of pilotless aircraft is prohibited or restricted.

Within the RIGA CTR and LIEPAJA TIZ, pilotless aircraft may fly up to the height of 50 meters, if the flight is performed not closer than 5,000 meters horizontally from the threshold of a runway of a certified airfield, where flights are performed in accordance with an instrumental flight procedure. In the rest of the RIGA CTR and LIEPAJA TIZ territory pilotless aircraft flights are allowed up to 50 meters above the water or land surface with drones not exceeding 1.5 kilograms.

Pilotless aircraft may be flown in this part of the airspace with a permit from the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA). After obtaining this permit and coordinating the details of the flight with the LGS (bgk@lgs.lv), the operator of the pilotless aircraft must fill-out a confirmation document with the LGS.