Implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

06 Jan 2020
Implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Latvian ANSP VAS “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” has commenced transition process to implement PBN concept in Riga FIR. To comply with the best practice the process will be provided according to ICAO guidelines.

Riga FIR PBN Air Space Design team has to work out PBN route structures to improve flight safety and effectiveness by optimizing interaction of incoming and outgoing flights, vertical and horizontal routes layout, reducing fuel consumption and noise level, minimizing radio communication between air traffic control center and crew and to ensure continuity of flight.

PBN offers several benefits compared to the traditional instrumental flights’ procedures and routes based on certain stationary navigation equipment. PBN allows to use air space more effectively (creation of routes, fuel consumption efficiency, reduction of noise level etc.) as well as reduces total investment amount by updating the sensors according to technological development.