LGS provides services for pilotless aircraft operators in the RIGA CTS and Liepāja TIZ

15 Sep 2020

A procedure elaborated by state joint stock company “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” and approved by the Civil Aviation Agency regarding coordinating pilotless aircraft flights within the Riga Airport air traffic control zone (RIGA CTR) and the Liepāja traffic information zone (LIEPAJA TIZ) is in force as of 1 September 2020.

The procedure establishes the order for pilotless aircraft flights in the RIGA CTR and LIEPAJA TIZ, where they are prohibited. Namely, within 5,000 meters horizontally from the threshold of a certified airfield runway, where flights are operated according to an instrumental flight procedure, and over 50 meters above the part of the airspace structure established over the airfield. Pilotless aircraft flights in the RIGA CTR and LIEPAJA TIZ are high-risk flights, therefore it is necessary to obtain a permit from the Civil Aviation Agency. After obtaining this permit and coordinating the details of the flight with the LGS (bgk@lgs.lv), the operator of the pilotless aircraft must fill-out a confirmation document with the LGS (see: https://www.lgs.lv/dronu-lidojumu-koordinesana/. Payment for LGS services is made in accordance with the approved pricelist and payment procedure.