LGS and EANS join efforts for the future airspace architecture

03 Mar 2020

On March 3, 2020 LGS signed Memorandum of Cooperation with Estonian Air Navigation Services. The aim of EANS and LGS is to address legal and operational aspects of the co-operative arrangements in the set-up of an enabling framework for ATM Data Service Providers (ADSPs) as envisaged in the SESAR’s proposal for the future architecture of the European Airspace. The signing ceremony was hosted by LGS in Riga.
The cooperation, inspired by the Airspace Architecture Study, AAS, will kick off the inventory of the legal and economic aspects as well as the identification of the benefits and challenges in setting up an enabling framework for ATM data service providers in Estonia and Latvia.  EANS and LGS will combine their resources in studying the outputs of the AAS and subsequent researches to identify the opportunities for both service providers.
The AAS was launched by SESAR Joint Undertaking in collaboration with the Network Manager in March 2019 with a view to improving the overall performance of air traffic management through airspace re-configuration, virtualisation and the free flow of data among trusted users. The Single European Airspace System proposed in this study is an evolution of the European airspace architecture that leverages modern technologies to decouple the service provision from the local infrastructure while increasing progressively the level of collaboration and automation support.