Baltic air navigation service providers meet in Riga

19 Jun 2022

On June 15, management board members and directors of three air navigation service (ANS) providers of the Baltics – EANS (Estonia), “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” (Latvia) and “Oro Navigacija” (Lithuania) convened a meeting in Riga to discuss the geopolitical challenges in the region and reconfirm their cooperation goals.

The meeting participants discussed ongoing activities and future prospects and shared their experiences of maintaining financial sustainability of their services due the Covid-19 pandemics and the war in Ukraine. The air navigation in the Baltic region suffers due to the combination of the sanctions and subsequent air bans imposed on Russia that have resulted in distorted air traffic patterns and a considerable drop of service units which in turn has a negative impact on revenue.

“We are happy to welcome our partners from the Baltic states in LGS. We all share similar airspace configurations and traffic patterns and find ourselves in the same geopolitical situation. It is therefore vital that our companies stand close by and share best practices to help us manage regional crisis more efficiently. Our strategies are aligned in pursuit of environmentally friendly air traffic management, efficient integration of manned and unmanned air traffic and remote – or digital solutions for servicing of regional airports,” said Dāvids Tauriņš, CEO of LGS and host of the meeting.

EANS, LGS and “Oro Navigacija” are amongst the top ten financially most efficient ANS providers in Europe in terms of gate-to-gate ATM/CNS provision costs per composite flight-hour.